The Creature from the Black Lagoon | Universal Monsters | Fossilized Hand

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Prop replica of the fossilized Creature hand, as seen in the Universal Monsters classic 1954 film, “The Creature from the Black Lagoon."

Each replica is 3d printed and then hand-painted to create an aged fossil effect. Steel support bar is permanently molded into the wrist bones to create stability and a durable replica suitable for display, mirroring the “specimen” presentation style seen in the film during the scenes when the fossil is examined at the marine biology institute.

Length: 9cm (3.5 inches)
Width: 12cm  (4.75 inches)
Height: 330cm  (13 inches)

Customer Reviews

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Rich Rosell

I can't adequately stress just how amazing this piece is. But it is...amazing.

This looks wonderful on my Black Lagoon shelf, in between my creature figures, and the autographed pics of Ricou Browning and Julia Adams....

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