Mucky Pup | Five Guys in a Really Hot Garage + Straight out of Jersey | CD

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1. This Ain't Workin'
2. Short Attention Span
3. Messed Up
4. Jail
5. I've Got a Plan
6. You Know
7. Why Can't You Be More Like Your Picture
8. You're Gonna Get It
9. Carter Farmer
10. Straightman
11. You Smoke and I Eat Meat
12. Fucked Up
13. Aint' Been Helpin (Bonus EP)
14. Break of Dawn (Bonus EP)
15. Get It (Bonus EP)
16. I've Seen Better Days (Bonus EP)
17. Michelle Nicole (Bonus EP)

chris milnes - vocals
john milnes - drums
hinge - guitars
bill bergmann - bass
kevin powers - keys, b3

TRACKS 13-17
Chris Milnes - Vocals
John Milnes - Drums
Kevin Powers - Guitar & Keys
Bill Bergmann - Bass

Recorded at Showplace Studios, NJ.
Mixed at River Sound NYC.
Engineered and Mixed by Pach.
Assisted at River by Tony Gonz
Assisted at Showplace by: Rick Deardorff
Masterdisk by: Howie Weinberg

TRACKS 13-17 
Recorded Blue Moon Studios, NJ
Mixed at Big Blue Meenie Studios
Produced by Mucky Pup
Engineered by Mucky Pup

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