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Muckychris is the originator of the “Original Pop-Culture Buddha” and has been a 3D printing pioneer for more than 15 years. This stunning masterpiece seamlessly blends the serene essence of the Buddha with iconic elements from popular culture, creating a unique and captivating piece for enthusiasts of both realms. Crafted with precision and care using cutting-edge 3D printing technology, this Buddha statue embodies a harmonious synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern aesthetics.

The 3D Printed Pop Culture Buddha Statue is an ideal gift for collectors, spiritual seekers, and art enthusiasts alike. It embodies the essence of individuality, allowing you to choose from a range of iconic pop culture references that resonate with your personal taste and interests from superheroes and movie characters to beloved video game icons.

Each statue is individually made and is great for the person who has everything and makes a great stocking stuffer or white elephant gift.

Customer Reviews

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VICTOR NODA (rocknrollartist6460)
The Tick Buddha Review by Vic The Tick Guy

You can see pics of him over at my Tick Museum at This is a 12" Tall Tick Buddha designed and produced by This Tick figure is 3D Printed from PLA and created hollow. Each figure is individually made. The first time I saw this guy was when I was watching "All The Ticks" with Ben Edlund doing the Intro, and he had this little Buddha Tick sitting in the background. He normally comes in just the Tick Blue Filament along with the Silver Spoon Filament, which would look bitchin'. But I asked 3D Printing Artist Chris Milnes to do me a favor and paint him blue for me, autograph it, and he even included a sticker on the bottom for me. Pretty cool huh? Chris told me that he had actually painted the eyes and teeth white as a test but it didn't meet his standards, so he went back to blue. Well, I picked up the reins and went ahead and turned the eyes and teeth back to white and aged it up a bit. Chris told me that it looked amazing and he was glad that I took the ball over the finish line! So I can't say that this is a completely mint 3DMuckyChris Buddha Tick , but at least I got his blessings! So NaMaSte bruddahs! Peace Out!

James Ripley (bluemack03)

Really cool products. Very cute and bring back memories

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